Topbox: Lise Watier Complimentary Tobpox!

So a little less than a month ago, Topbox decided to collaborate with Shoppers Drug Mart instead of Holt Renfrew, and offered all of their members in the Toronto region a change to receive a free, limited edition Lise Watier Topbox! This post is quite late (like many of my posts will probably be, due to school being so tiring and time consuming..) but I also wanted to be sure that I was able to test the products out before posting about them. Only members in the Toronto area that were able to travel to the 6 locations were able to receive the complimentary sample box. This made a lot of members upset, but Topbox has assured everyone that they were testing it in Toronto first and that they would expand this nation-wide if it was successful (probably because it is close to their actual headquarters, so it made sense that it must have been easier to dispatch the boxes around Toronto rather than send them all around Canada). 

I picked up my box the same night that I saw a picture of another blogger's box because one of the locations was a minute from my boyfriend's house! I was delighted to see how deluxe the samples were! This really made up for the smaller samples in Topbox's October box. 

So going in order of what's on the card...

Plumpissimo Le Gloss
Received: Deluxe Sample Size $5.08 (1.5ml)
Full Size: $21 (6.2ml)

This is suppose to moisturize and smoothen the lips while plumping at the same time. I've never really had any luck with plumping lip products, I swear they make my lips look huge and swollen. And not an attractive kind either, it probably scares people. So I tried this once but I didn't feel too much plumping, it felt nice and I really adore the colour. If it wasn't a plumping product I would definitely use this everyday.

Hydrasmart 3D Hydration Gel-Creme
Received: Deluxe Sample Size $24 (30ml)
Full Size: $40 (50ml)

I cannot even explain how much I love this product! So first of all, I have sensitive skin that has been acting up lately causing it to be VERY sensitive and I have not used a moisturizer because they all cause me to break out. Others are too thick, don't seem to absorb well, and give me a very oily t-zone. But this!! I fell in love. It absolutely did not break me out. I have been using it for half a month and my skin looks like it is really improving. It's softer, smoother, and I forgot to mention that it hydrated my super dry spots that were dried out by benzyl peroxide. I stopped using this for 2 days and my skin stayed moisturized, even in this cold weather! I would definitely buy this once I run out, the only problem is the steep price tag! I hope I can find a cheaper alternative, otherwise I don't mind investing in something that finally works. I found my HG!

Frisson Neiges Twist & Spray Set
Received: Purse Spray $26 + Refill $26 = $52
Full Size: $40 (30ml), $59 (50ml)

This fragrance with the refill is actually worth $52 alone! I couldn't believe how generous it was! It's too bad that I really do not like the fragrance. I like fruity, fun fragrances and am not too into floral fragrances. Hopefully I will find someone who is though! Although I really love the travel/purse friendly idea, with the twist up cap. 

Total Lise Watier October Topbox Value: $97!

Thank you so much Topbox for the very generous, complimentary box! How did you like the products in your box, if you were able to get one?