First Post!

So after finally deciding on the perfect "start-up" layout for my blog, I am now creating my first post! Mind you this took me about 2 honestly had to be perfect! Edit: As I was having issues with my previous HTML layout, I decided to stick to a pre-made blogger layout for now!

This is actually my first time using blogspot. In the past, I have only used freewebs, and hosted html websites. I have lost my html brain because its been FOREVER (more than 5 years) since I've used it, so give me a break :p I am working on it. What really inspired me to create a blog again were all the lovely blogs I frantically search through before I buy a product. I really wanted to be able to express my views again in an organized manner through something of my own something I can customize as my very own!

I am a business student and aspiring beauty blogger, but not only do I like to express my personal opinion on favourite or hated beauty products, I also like to talk about random things, fashion, and other  interesting aspects of my life. I try to stay committed to my education (not really sometimes I'm just lazy), so blog posts may be rare or short and sweet. I don't expect anyone to read about my life, my reviews, or even come across this blog! But if you do, I would love to hear your opinions and/or advice in the comment section.

- Michi