Beauty Box 5: October 2012 Box

This is very long overdue! My October 2012 Beauty Box 5 (also known as BB5). I possibly have not been excited enough to post about this because the box itself didn't really excite me.... in fact I was quite upset upon receiving it because 
A) it took about 2+ weeks, 
B) the samples all seem to be very "free" looking (you know what I mean!) and not deluxe at all. 
I actually haven't used any of these products yet, except for one which gave me a terrible reaction (the city lips gloss/plumper!) I haven't tried it a second time around yet because I'm scared of the outcome... will probably give to a friend to try out. 

So here are a few photos I took of the box contents and what I think about each product!
NOTE: None of these are tested so far, besides the City Lips Plumper.

Fulesse Elevens - Frown Line Reducing Patches
Relax frown lines in a gentle, natural (no needles!) way. Simply apply the clear patch while you sleep and a few hours later you'll see fewer lines. It's that easy.
Received: 3 Patches = $2.01
Full Size: 30 Patches = $20

No way I can really use this. I'm 19, I don't have frown lines yet. I can't find decent reviews about trying it if you do not have mature skin, so I am holding on to this hopefully for a trade for something I can actually use.

Goat Haus Dairy Lip Balm
Your lips will lust after this light-weight, soft and silky goats-milk lip balm!
Received: Full Size!
Full Size: $2.50

This isn't very appealing for a full size product. You can see that it is only half full. I heard it wasn't a bad product, so I'm hoping to try this once I finish some other lip balms I have! I like how the ingredients are very natural.

Margania Pure Argan Oil
With naturally high levels of Vit. E and skin-supporting fatty acids, this "miracle" oil is perfect for healing skin ailments and protecting against premature aging. Use alone or mix with your moisturizer.
Received: 2" tube? Not sure of value.
Full Size: 2 fl oz  = $32

Am interested to try this out. Confusing though because others have said it is for the hair but the card seems to imply that it's for the face or body. Can I try it on my hair!? I have yet to try it because I'm not sure exactly how or where to apply...

ShowStoppers Fashion Tape
Received: 2 = $0.84
Full Size: 24 = $10 

I think these are self explanatory. Double stick "designer fashion tape" to keep your shirt stuck to your bra (or body). These would come in handy for emergency, or a really low cut/revealing dress. So I will hold onto these for the future I guess!

Received: 2 Cards = $1.40
Full Size: 10 Cards = $7 

Again, self explanatory by the picture. I won't be needing these. I never get mascara on my top lid and if I do I can quickly wipe it off... I heard it was also difficult to use. I would probably end up poking my eye out or something with this!

NuMe $100 Gift Certificate

Okay how many of these am I really going to get? Already received 2 and didn't use either, then they expired. I find it ridiculous that they charge $170 for a hair tool, so the $100 off doesn't mean anything, since in brackets it usually says (+$15 + $10 shipping). Not to mention duties on top of that. What's the +$15 actually for? Probably won't be using this again...

Do you use NuMe products or have bought from them/received a sample? I would love to hear what you think about them in the comment box below.

City Lips Lip Plumper in Sun Diego
These luscious lip plumpers are packed with antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients! Apply alone or over lipstick for fuller, plumper lips in an instant!
Received: 1.5 ml = $9.60
Full Size: 5 ml = $32

Only product I've tried so far. I already have plump lips so these made them extremely tingle and feel uncomfortable. They burnt for a few minutes and I felt like I had a fat lip and had to take it off. No one else seems to feel this reaction so I may try again, however, I'd rather just give to a friend since I don't need it.

Total BB5 October Box Value: Approx. $20.61
Value is approx. due to estimation of value for Margania Argan Oil

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