Topbox: December 2012

I got a duplicate product this month, the Kellett Moisturizing Gel, which I received in my August Topbox. I felt like my survey really wasn't taken into account this month either and emailed Topbox about these issues. I was told they would give me a bonus product next month to make up for the duplicate. However my survey wasn't even looked at because I changed my email a few days after doing the survey! Makes sense, but I still think this is a ridiculous reason. Why should you be allowed to change your email so easily on the website if something like that would happen? In that case you should have to email them to change it or something... I was disappointed I didn't receive the foundation, and got products that don't even apply to me. 

Chloe Eau De Parfum:
I don't really consider this a deluxe sample but I guess it is since it's worth $10 and comes in a cute bottle. I don't like the scent, it's just not me (too floral). I got this free from The Bay previously and I'm kind of disappointed I got it again. I'm really tired of the floral samples from these beauty box companies!
Deluxe Sample Size: 5ml for $10, (Full Size: 30ml for $60)

Ferro Blush X3 in Bashful Swatch On Bare Skin, Top=Artificial Light, Bottom=Daylight

Ferro Cosmetics Blush X3 (Cheeks, Eyes, Lips) in Bashful:
This reminds me of Nars Orgasm, I swatched it above. I will definitely try to use this but it's difficult since the sample came without a sifter, and I was warned by others to tap it hard on a table first so it didn't spill all over the place, but there was still a TON stuck in the threads of the lid. I would have potentially bought the foundation since I was looking for a new one, but due to the email change issue I got stuck with this. It's a very pretty colour I just do not look good in blush as I'm pale right now and naturally blush all the time haha.
Deluxe Sample Size: Deluxe Sample Size: 0.4g? for $1.70, (Full Size: 4g for $17)
The reason I valued it so low is that I have FD that is 4.8g and I used that as a reference. It's estimated, please let me know if you have an accurate value!

Goldwell Sleek Perfection - Thermal Spray Serum:
Have yet to try this, I don't usually style my hair but I do like to fix it in the mornings. Will hopefully test this out tomorrow.
Deluxe Sample Size: 20ml for $2.19, (Full Size: 100ml for $10.59)

Kellett Skincare - Moisturizing Gel:
Disappointed, received this in my August Topbox. They said they will make up for it next month so I hope it will be worth it. Heard this burnt the skin of many people tried it.. I am too scared to try it on my sensitive skin. Benzoyl peroxide majorly dried out and burnt my skin so I won't be using any harsh products for acne in the meantime. ALSO I would definitely not purchase the full size for $95. Especially since Kellett cannot respond to my 3 emails about the ingredients list. Just seems a little sketchy.
Sample Size: 3ml x2 for $11.40, (Full Size: 50ml for $95)

Total value of this month's box: $25.29
Wow, so I don't even know what to say about the value of this box. Technically the value of the box for me is $3.89! I just ruined my own day figuring this out... I was okay with the products but now I will just join the completely disappointed club! Reason for this value is I already got the Chloe Parfum free from The Bay, and I don't like floral scents so I guess I'll have to put this one up for trade as well. The Kellett Gel I won't be trying either as I already received it and do not want to risk burning my skin. If January's box isn't much of an improvement I will be forced to cancel.

The Versatile Blogger Award

Merry Belated Christmas Everyone! 
I know it's late but I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and holidays, and have a happy new year :)

Thank you so much Rachael Holding of Natural Alley for the nomination! I am excited and honoured to receive this as it is my very first! 

The Rules:
1) Nominate up to 15 bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
2) Let the nominated bloggers know that they have been nominated for this award.
3) Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4) Thank the blogger who has nominated you.
5) Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your post.

I have seen a lot of people being nominated for these kinds of awards already which is why I had a small selection of blogs to choose from. I didn't choose based on who I liked and didn't like, I just tried to keep the list to a minimum so there are more options for others to nominate as well.

Becky in BC
Little Piggie's Closet of Secrets
Simply Blushed
The Rural Canadian Shopper
Canuck Beauty Reviews

7 Random Facts About Myself:
- I had 2 pet rats for about 2 years until I moved and had to give them away, and they were the best and most loving things ever, comparable to dogs.
- I've wanted to go into just about every job when I was younger but now I am completely clueless!
- I have an online (window) shopping & reading blog reviews obsession
- I'm very shy!
- I have the wackiest dreams (my favourite are the ones where I fly!)
- I don't have a favourite brand but for eyeshadow Urban Decay has been my saviour
- I used to love reading books, but now I struggle and get distracted easily
(Clearly I'm a boring person and don't do much with my life haha)

ipsy: My Glam Bag December 2012

I got my first ipsy/myglam bag last week! Got my tracking code on the 10th, but because Canada Post and the border are so backed up at this time of the year I didn't receive the box until the 17th! I didn't mind as long as long as this doesn't happen every month which I'm sure it won't. I know I haven't blogged in a while! I'll admit I've been lazy... I was so busy with exams but now that they are finally done and I've just been trying to get things done around the house the past week.
I tried out some of the products during the week I've had them, so I can add a little bit of input on whether or not I like!

So here is the overall photo! Sorry for the quality, I think the metallic pink packaging really threw off my camera here...I also apologize for the poorly lit photos, I am experimenting with places around the house to find the best lighting haha.
I really love this bag and in my opinion it's the best one I've ever gotten from a beauty box company! I've been subscribed to at least one for just over a year and I have never been this happy with all of the products. I also love the silver/grey makeup bag and will probably be using it as a pencil case depending on the colour we get next month!

Ipsy was finally introduced to Canadians for November 2012 and I chose not to subscribe because I thought I'd only use one of the products (theBalm Meet Matte eyeshadow) so it wasn't really worth the $15 for me. I just had to sub for December though as a Christmas present to myself!

We got 5 products in this month's bag, 3 being full-sized and 2 being very generous deluxe-sized samples!

Be a Bombshell Lip Gloss in Hot Mess:
Full sized product! So I can't pull off a red gloss, maybe a cherry red lipstick but not a gloss on it's own. I personally can't wear glosses anymore because I don't like the way they feel. See for swatches below (I only swatched it on my hand so I can possibly trade it in the future) but from other examples such as this video on Ipsy's official website it looks like it'd be amazing over any red lipstick. There was also a crack on the tube but I don't think it's deep enough to cause a leak or anything.
Full Size: $14

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Zero:
I have a HG pencil liner that is super affordable (won't spoil it as I'll be posting a review soon!) but this is just as good! But for the price, I wouldn't buy it. I use black liners almost every day and that would just be way too expensive for me. It doesn't tug on your eye and it's very gentle and the pigmentation is great. This is my first UD liner and I am thinking of getting one of their set's now that I can see what all the hype is about!
Deluxe Sample Size: $15.33, (Full Size: $23)

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Baby Pink:
Full sized product! I don't usually use loose pigments but after seeing so many great swatches with loose pigments I think I am going to start. I swatched this, along with the liner and lipgloss, over the Mirabella primer and I think it's a beautiful sheer pink. I haven't tried it as an eyeshadow yet but I think it'd work best for the inner corners. I want to get the gold now, but these are much cheaper, probably half the price or less in the US and I have only seen them at Rexall for $6 here in Canada.
Full Size: $6

Mirabella Prime for Face and Eyes:
Another full sized product! This is suppose to be good for both eyes and face. It worked well for my eyes but it doesn't help the colour show up brighter, like Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Insurance would. Nevertheless my shadow stayed put all night! It's paraben-free which is great, and the ingredients seem very minimal with most being silicones. I went through a faze a few weeks ago where I thought I was breaking out from silicones, but their in almost every product I use and have used for more than 5 years so I am kind of doubting myself now. I used this all over the face and I really like it! A+!
Full Size: $29

Mai Couture Highlighter Papier:
Small sheets that look like blotting wipes, but are meant to be used as a highlighter for the face or body. They are meant to be compact and non-messy because you do not have to use a brush or powder. Instead you lightly press it on your skin where you want the highlight. Some people are claiming this is making them orange but I used it sparingly and it didn't make me orange, but it didn't quite give me a glow, but some shimmer and sparkles instead! I think that the individual sheets could definitely be saved and used more than once, they have a ton of pigment on each one. I like this but I would not buy it because it doesn't quite seem like a highlighter.
Deluxe Sample Size: $14, (Full Size: $28)

Left: Artificial Light, Right: Natural
Swatches from Top to Bottom: Be a Bombshell Lip Gloss (Hot Mess), Urban Decay Liner (Zero), NYX Ultra Pearl Mania (Baby Pink)
I swiped these all over the Mirabella Face and Eyes Primer. The UD liner was a light swipe and was hard to remove afterwards! The NYX didn't show up too pigmented so like I said I think it would be a lot better over my UD Shadow Insurance.

Ipsy really impressed me this month. Total value of this month's bag was: $77.33. I definitely did not expect the 3 full sized products, and the other 2 products to be very generous samples, but I hope Ipsy keeps this up. I do not expect full sized products by any means, but I do expect deluxe samples, rather than receiving a ton of packet sized samples. Did you like your bag? What NYX pigment did you get?

Freebies: From the Past Few Weeks!

Hey guys! Here is a preview of what I got in the mail, and other free samples I've managed to pick up during these past few weeks that I've managed to keep track of. I'll try to keep these less photo heavy but my camera takes close ups a lot better and it's hard to capture things in a bigger photo because of it's wide angle lens -__-

My birthday gift from Sephora Beauty Insider! Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Treatment Duo I absolutely love these and just bought another pair (the mini duo). I've never had a lip balm completely restore my lips without drying them out, I love the ingredients in these and need to find a cheaper dupe asap! I'm already halfway the clear one!

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Sample Kit - Colour Renew Tone Correcting Mousse, Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray, Enhancing Shampoo/Conditioner (1 Time Use) + Save $5 WUB any 2 Sheer Blonde Products Coupon I know I'm not blonde, as much as I wish I could pull it off, but I know this 'go blondier' lightener will work for darker hair as well! A lot of reviews say that it will lighten, some people have more luck than others but I will give it a go. I have been wanting highlights forever but don't have the courage, I always mess up my hair somehow, and salon = expensive and I don't currently have a regular salon that I trust.

Tresemme Split Remedy - Split End Shampoo and Conditioner (3 Time Use) + $1 Coupon 

Loreal Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator, Couture La La, Vitamints Immune + 2 Coupons, Phyto Paris Reparative Conditioning Treatment, Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub + Coupon
I love the Couture La La sample so much! I have Viva La Juicy and may just buy this next. The Youth Code sample is kind of sad, it's on the card, and I can't really save it if I only use half.. btw it feels like nothing's inside so we'll try it once my skin clears up.

And finally, my P&G brandSampler pack and the special Metro edition pack. I was excited to see Febreze Car and gave it to my bf who loves it. Although they don't last long and aren't worth the money; the last one he had lasted about a week. 

What freebies did you get? I strongly encourage you to if you don't already sign up for a lot of them. It's a great way to test out products without having to buy and return them.

Beauty Box 5: November 2012 Box

This is my 2nd box from BB5 and also my last, for now. I didn't like the October BB5 box and haven't used anything from it yet. It took forever to get here too because they are located so far away and I hate getting the box at the end of the month. This time took a week and a half.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion
Received: Deluxe Sample Size @ $1.11
Full: 236 ml @ $9
Non-irritating, oil-free, non-greasy, fragrance-free and packed with humectants to bind moisture to delicate skin. Came with a $1 off coupon! So the $1 off coupon says only valid is USA...this is another reason why I am unsubscribing.. it's not really catered to Canadians.. Will definitely be trying this out though, the Lise Watier Hydrasmart Gel-Creme is just too expensive for me.

Global Goddess Uprade Complexion Face Primer
Received: 2 ml x 2 sachets = 4 ml @ $1.84
Full: 50 ml @ $22.95
Contains Vit A & E and antioxidants to create a youthful glow. Can't wait to try this after I finish up my 'Prime Time' Bare Minerals primer.

Envie De Nuef Eye Mask
Received: 1 Sachet @ $3
Full: 10 Sachets @ $30
I'm not sure if this is safe for my sensitive skin.. If this is a peel-off like those nose strips, they ruined my nose :( then I definitely can't use.

$10 Gift Card for My Name Necklace
I don't think I'll be using this, the nice ones are $50+ and I don't like to showcase my name out to everyone.

Model Co Lip Shine in "Strip Tease"
Received: Full Size!
Full: 0.14 fl oz @ $16
Nice to receive a full size..  but it was smeared around the edges so I hope it's brand new.. smells awesome, like peach candy! It say non-sticky (highly reflective, and shimmering) but when I wiped off the residue on the threads it felt very sticky. I ended up giving this to a friend.

Swagger Cosmetics Eyeshadow
Received: Full Size!
Full: 5 g @ $9.50
100% vegan. I hate loose powder eyeshadows so we'll see if I even get around to using this. I like that they included something so cute and different though! I have no clue what colour this is. Either Responsitranity or Red Bone. If someone knows please let me know.

Swatch of Swagger Cosmetics Eyeshadow, Right is blended out (in Responsitranity or Red Bone, I honestly have no clue please let me know in the comments if you do)

Total BB5 November Box Value: $31.45

Okay so BB5 did better this month, I am overall content with the products. the Cetaphil, Swagger Eyeshadow, and Primer are the only products I will be using!

Did you like your box? Did you receive the same products? Tell me what you think!

Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse Sale 2012 Haul & Black Friday: Sephora & Brandy Melville!

So after a long... tiring weekend consisting of very little sleep and for the first time ever taking the night bus in the morning!!! I have to share with you a small collective weekend haul!

For Black Friday, I missed a lot of the online deals but I made sure to get to Sephora right when they opened (@ 6 AM, kill me now) and this btw consisted of me waking up at 4:15 AM which is something I never EVER do... especially when I went to bed past 1 AM! I went with my aunt as she took the week off :) and no one thought I could do it but I did! It was well worth it, but now I know for next year not to bother going downtown.

There weren't many sales. The only excitement was Breakfast Television hosting free giveaways! We didn't win anything :( Anyways.. got to Eatons at about 6:10 AM and had my aunt go to guest services where they were giving $10 gift cards to the first 100 in line. Of course there was a massive line already (as well as the giftcards being given out at H&M) so we didn't get either... these people must be crazy, getting there at 4 AM to wait 2 hours.

Here is what I got from Sephora... only 6 items @ $12 each, the total came out to about $80.

Josie Maran Bear Naked Wipes & Bear Naked Nail Wipes: 
I adore these! Used them twice and haven't broken out, they remove my makeup well enough but as other reviews have said yes they take a lot of rubbing to remove eye makeup. UPDATE: Using them a few times they seem to burn my face a little, I heard it's from the grapefruit, will update as to whether they break me out or not. << YES, they seemed to break me out. I was using them with Naked Skin FD so I don't know but either way they burned, so I returned them to Sephora.

Sephora Gilded Brush Set Trio: These feel super soft and are very sparkly and eye-catching, can't wait to try them out!

Too Faced Deluxe Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder & Travel Kabuki Brush (x3): This is my HG bronzer so I had to stock up! I got my aunt to get an extra one as a gift :) Although the kabuki is super tiny... what is this for really? I think I can maybe contour with this...maybe?

Stila Travel Palette in Merry and Bright & Deluxe Kitten Lip Glaze: This palette is awesome! It's like a mini on-the-go naked palette for me. I can use all the colours. One is more of a shimmer and isn't too pigmented but still it's awesome! I haven't tried the lip glaze yet but seen swatches and it looks very shimmery :) 

To the right of the Stila palette are samples! The cashier just threw them in my bag without telling me and when I looked inside I was super excited to see.. (from L to R)
Giorgio Armani Fluid Master Primer, (5 ml), Bare Minerals Matte in Med. Beige NC20 (0.3 g), Mini Kabuki Brush, Active Cell Renewal Night Serum (3 ml)

Second stop... Brandy Melville @ Queen and Spadina! This by the way was brutal! As I had to wait in line with tons of girls for an hour... then inside we're lined up for the fitting room and about 8 of them decide that they can join their friend in front of me when there's only 4 fitting rooms (and you have to be in the cash line by 11 AM to get the 20% discount)! It was one of those kill me now moments.. I honestly no longer wanted to be there but I came so far... and everything was 20% off.. one of the employee's noticed and politely asked them to get behind me, I didn't want to have to argue with anyone about jumping the line...again.., why does this always happen to me Can I grow a few inches please..

Give me some credit for this too.. I had about 9 items to try on and narrowed it down to the 3 that looked best on me! Finn Knit, Tiger May Tank, & California Crop Tank in Navy
My total came out to about $102 I believe.

Now onto my Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse Sale.... 

This was my first time going, and I had to wait a ridiculous 3 hours in line in the cold. I had to stand with my complaining bf the whole time, it was terrible.. I made it up to him by buying him a few bathroom essentials he needed! Btw I also wasted my time in line as I did not buy any makeup products and the household essentials probably would have still been there later on.

Sorry girls. Nothing too interesting here..hehe. Although the total was still $99.25. I bought about $20 worth of stuff for the bf but left it at his house. 
I'll list the products not shown below incase anybody was wondering:

Not Pictured:
Another Lysol Disinfecting Wipes
Irish Spring Body Wash
Phisoderm Gentle Facial Cleanser
Tresemme Conditioner Large
Edge Shave Gel, Band Aids
Revlon Heel Smoother Thing....that doesn't work very well *sigh*

The Lysol wipes were the best deal by far... and the Febreze! Honestly I needed this stuff and since I didn't find any makeup I wanted I just focused on essentials.. the Tivoli Nail Polish Remover pads were $1 and Style Snaps were $3.

All in all this weekend was super tiring but fun! I learnt from my first time at Lisa's that I could have gone a lot later and avoided the long wait in line, but I was hoping for some new cosmetics I haven't seen on other blogs. It wasn't as crazy as expected and I'm satisfied with my deals :)

Did you go to Lisa's Cosmetics Warehouse Sale? What did you buy!? I'd love to see black friday hauls as well. Leave me a comment about it!

Beauty Box 5: October 2012 Box

This is very long overdue! My October 2012 Beauty Box 5 (also known as BB5). I possibly have not been excited enough to post about this because the box itself didn't really excite me.... in fact I was quite upset upon receiving it because 
A) it took about 2+ weeks, 
B) the samples all seem to be very "free" looking (you know what I mean!) and not deluxe at all. 
I actually haven't used any of these products yet, except for one which gave me a terrible reaction (the city lips gloss/plumper!) I haven't tried it a second time around yet because I'm scared of the outcome... will probably give to a friend to try out. 

So here are a few photos I took of the box contents and what I think about each product!
NOTE: None of these are tested so far, besides the City Lips Plumper.

Fulesse Elevens - Frown Line Reducing Patches
Relax frown lines in a gentle, natural (no needles!) way. Simply apply the clear patch while you sleep and a few hours later you'll see fewer lines. It's that easy.
Received: 3 Patches = $2.01
Full Size: 30 Patches = $20

No way I can really use this. I'm 19, I don't have frown lines yet. I can't find decent reviews about trying it if you do not have mature skin, so I am holding on to this hopefully for a trade for something I can actually use.

Goat Haus Dairy Lip Balm
Your lips will lust after this light-weight, soft and silky goats-milk lip balm!
Received: Full Size!
Full Size: $2.50

This isn't very appealing for a full size product. You can see that it is only half full. I heard it wasn't a bad product, so I'm hoping to try this once I finish some other lip balms I have! I like how the ingredients are very natural.

Margania Pure Argan Oil
With naturally high levels of Vit. E and skin-supporting fatty acids, this "miracle" oil is perfect for healing skin ailments and protecting against premature aging. Use alone or mix with your moisturizer.
Received: 2" tube? Not sure of value.
Full Size: 2 fl oz  = $32

Am interested to try this out. Confusing though because others have said it is for the hair but the card seems to imply that it's for the face or body. Can I try it on my hair!? I have yet to try it because I'm not sure exactly how or where to apply...

ShowStoppers Fashion Tape
Received: 2 = $0.84
Full Size: 24 = $10 

I think these are self explanatory. Double stick "designer fashion tape" to keep your shirt stuck to your bra (or body). These would come in handy for emergency, or a really low cut/revealing dress. So I will hold onto these for the future I guess!

Received: 2 Cards = $1.40
Full Size: 10 Cards = $7 

Again, self explanatory by the picture. I won't be needing these. I never get mascara on my top lid and if I do I can quickly wipe it off... I heard it was also difficult to use. I would probably end up poking my eye out or something with this!

NuMe $100 Gift Certificate

Okay how many of these am I really going to get? Already received 2 and didn't use either, then they expired. I find it ridiculous that they charge $170 for a hair tool, so the $100 off doesn't mean anything, since in brackets it usually says (+$15 + $10 shipping). Not to mention duties on top of that. What's the +$15 actually for? Probably won't be using this again...

Do you use NuMe products or have bought from them/received a sample? I would love to hear what you think about them in the comment box below.

City Lips Lip Plumper in Sun Diego
These luscious lip plumpers are packed with antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients! Apply alone or over lipstick for fuller, plumper lips in an instant!
Received: 1.5 ml = $9.60
Full Size: 5 ml = $32

Only product I've tried so far. I already have plump lips so these made them extremely tingle and feel uncomfortable. They burnt for a few minutes and I felt like I had a fat lip and had to take it off. No one else seems to feel this reaction so I may try again, however, I'd rather just give to a friend since I don't need it.

Total BB5 October Box Value: Approx. $20.61
Value is approx. due to estimation of value for Margania Argan Oil

Did you like your BB5 box!? How long have you been a subscriber? 

Topbox: November 2012!

Here is a little preview of what I got in my November Topbox. I know some people have been curious about what's in it so I am scrambling to post these photos first and will add the reviews as I've begun trying the products out.

Cuccio Naturale Butter Pomegranate & Fig (Hydrating Butter Blend)
10x the Moisturizing Power of Lotion. A non-oily intense hydrating treatment for silky smooth skin.
Received: Sample Size @ $0.73
Full Size: 240 g @ $18.95

I'm not one to use hand cream but I really like this. This stuff does what is claims, It actually is non-oily! I can put it on my hands and it absorbs almost instantly and does not make my hands sticky whatsoever. 
I would highly recommend this for those who hate oily creams (making their hands uncomfortable and slippery). I didn't appreciate the bubbles inside making it look like an aero bar (which also means less product) but I def will be purchasing the full size anyway!

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes (Waterproof Eyeliner)
An award-winning, waterproof, smudge-proof, and fade-proof eyeliner that doubles as a vibrant eye shadow.
Received: 0.7 g @ $12.35
Full Size: 1.13 g @ $20

Pandora's Makeup Box Polish and Perfume Duo 
These paired polishes and perfumes are fabulous for travel or gifting!
Received: Full Size @ $24.50/pair
Full Size: $24.50/pair

I am not interested in trying out the polish, I've seen swatches and the colour is usable but I usually wear bright, pastel colours on my nails. They've been very very brittle lately from wearing polish all summer so I let them breathe for a few months. I tested the perfume. It's really faint, smells like a mix of candy and flowers. It's not too bad, I don't like floral fragrances but I can stand this as it's not too strong.

Total Topbox November Value: $37.58

If anyone wants to trade for the coral/citrus duo please!!! I will love you forever :D

Topbox: Lise Watier Complimentary Tobpox!

So a little less than a month ago, Topbox decided to collaborate with Shoppers Drug Mart instead of Holt Renfrew, and offered all of their members in the Toronto region a change to receive a free, limited edition Lise Watier Topbox! This post is quite late (like many of my posts will probably be, due to school being so tiring and time consuming..) but I also wanted to be sure that I was able to test the products out before posting about them. Only members in the Toronto area that were able to travel to the 6 locations were able to receive the complimentary sample box. This made a lot of members upset, but Topbox has assured everyone that they were testing it in Toronto first and that they would expand this nation-wide if it was successful (probably because it is close to their actual headquarters, so it made sense that it must have been easier to dispatch the boxes around Toronto rather than send them all around Canada). 

I picked up my box the same night that I saw a picture of another blogger's box because one of the locations was a minute from my boyfriend's house! I was delighted to see how deluxe the samples were! This really made up for the smaller samples in Topbox's October box. 

So going in order of what's on the card...

Plumpissimo Le Gloss
Received: Deluxe Sample Size $5.08 (1.5ml)
Full Size: $21 (6.2ml)

This is suppose to moisturize and smoothen the lips while plumping at the same time. I've never really had any luck with plumping lip products, I swear they make my lips look huge and swollen. And not an attractive kind either, it probably scares people. So I tried this once but I didn't feel too much plumping, it felt nice and I really adore the colour. If it wasn't a plumping product I would definitely use this everyday.

Hydrasmart 3D Hydration Gel-Creme
Received: Deluxe Sample Size $24 (30ml)
Full Size: $40 (50ml)

I cannot even explain how much I love this product! So first of all, I have sensitive skin that has been acting up lately causing it to be VERY sensitive and I have not used a moisturizer because they all cause me to break out. Others are too thick, don't seem to absorb well, and give me a very oily t-zone. But this!! I fell in love. It absolutely did not break me out. I have been using it for half a month and my skin looks like it is really improving. It's softer, smoother, and I forgot to mention that it hydrated my super dry spots that were dried out by benzyl peroxide. I stopped using this for 2 days and my skin stayed moisturized, even in this cold weather! I would definitely buy this once I run out, the only problem is the steep price tag! I hope I can find a cheaper alternative, otherwise I don't mind investing in something that finally works. I found my HG!

Frisson Neiges Twist & Spray Set
Received: Purse Spray $26 + Refill $26 = $52
Full Size: $40 (30ml), $59 (50ml)

This fragrance with the refill is actually worth $52 alone! I couldn't believe how generous it was! It's too bad that I really do not like the fragrance. I like fruity, fun fragrances and am not too into floral fragrances. Hopefully I will find someone who is though! Although I really love the travel/purse friendly idea, with the twist up cap. 

Total Lise Watier October Topbox Value: $97!

Thank you so much Topbox for the very generous, complimentary box! How did you like the products in your box, if you were able to get one?